Tuesday, 3 September 2019


WALT: Use a times table to solve multiplication problems.

Thursday, 22 August 2019

8 Octopus Facts

Here are some facts that we created in room 4. This term for our inquiry we are learning
about octopuse. You might want to take some information from these slides and add it to your blog for what ever you have for your task at school.

Wednesday, 14 August 2019

Tuesday, 13 August 2019

Butter chicken

                                                             Task  Description :

Today we are back at Tamaki collage doing cooking with miss tuipolotu. Today we are making Butter Chicken, our first step was to dice half an onion and cut the chicken finely. Our second step was to fry the onion in a frying pan once we finished then we added the chicken into the frying pan. our third step was to add butter, chicken sause , spices and whip cream into a bowl and mix well. then we poured it into the frying pan and mixed the onion chicken and the sause's for 10 minutes and serve it with the rice. Thank you to our teachers for making this day possible esspecially Mr Burt.

Saturday, 3 August 2019

Multiplication - W2T3

Walt: Use a times table to solve multiplication problems.

Friday, 2 August 2019


Walt: Use a time table to solve multiplacation problems

Tuesday, 30 July 2019


                                                                 Task Description:
In a large pot of boiling salted water, cook pasta according to package instructions; reserve 1/2 cup water and drain well. In a small bowl, whisk together eggs and Parmesan; set aside. Heat a large skillet over medium high heat. Add bacon and cook until brown and crispy, about 6-8 minutes.

Chicken Wrap

                                                           Task  Description:

Today we went to tamaki collage to see what it's like at collage. For today my group went to cooking and we got to make a Chicken Wrapper. Tamaki collage provided the food to make our chicken wrappes so it was ok. Our first step to make a chicken wrap was to dice lettuce and tomatoes as small as you can so it can fit in you wrap. Our second step was to add the salads on top of your rap and then add your chicken and your chesse on top. And the last step was to present what you made onto a plate and take a photo to share on your blog.

Friday, 26 July 2019

The tree of life

This is the tree of life. We learnt that in 1835 Charles Robert Darwin discovered that all living things are connected. Animals change over millions of years so they can survive .Things at the bottem of the tree came before the things at the top.All forest is made up of a large number of individual trees, the branches of each one link together and combine thier life force to provide a home for thousands of different species.

Charles Darwin

Tuesday, 23 July 2019

Mini Quiches

Today we made mini quiches here are the ingrediants

Step 1- Whisk 4 eggs with 1 cup of milk

Step 2- Dice the ham

Step 3- Add cheese & line up the pastry into the muffin tray

Step 4- tin and bake for 180 deegre for 20 minitues

Thursday, 27 June 2019

Captured In Ice

WALT: Recognise and understand the language features and structures used in different.

Tuesday, 25 June 2019

Kumara frittata

Today the year 8's got to visit tamaki collage again. We were put into three groups and the first group I was put in was cooking. We got to make Kumara Frittata. The first step was to peel the kumara and then grate it with the cheese grater, after that we were to cut half an onion into tiny pieces. Our second step was to whisk 3 eggs with 1 cup of milk and then add the kumara and the onion into the bowl.Our last step was to poour the mixture into the baking tin and bake till 180 degree celcius for abut 15-20 minutes .
Related image

Monday, 24 June 2019

Clara's Cowpats

Today Iv'e created a google drawing of what my maths class did.We had to find out who was the winning square and which person was within one square of winnng.

Friday, 21 June 2019

Perspicuous Paragraphs

WALT: Use correct paragraph structure


WALT: We are learning to read to make meaning out of a range of topics and text types.


WALT: Identify and evalute authors purposes

Wednesday, 19 June 2019

Empanadas From Argintina

Today room 4 got to try empanadas from Argintina.Empanadas are known to be traditional dish to the amazing country Argintina.The empanadas looks like a sausage roll that has golden darkened edges around it. It also has triangular corners that has been folded over. Inside looks dark brown with red spicy meat.It smells like Pizza, Pastry,Sausage rolls. It has capsicum and smells smoked. It taste a little sweet and spicy.

Monday, 17 June 2019

Scott Base:Antarctica

Walt: Reconise and understand the language features and structures used different text types

Friday, 14 June 2019

Around the world !!

Summary:  North America and Europe have many similarities. Back in time, Europe colonised North America. When Europe colonised North America, the Europeans brought their culture and languages to North America. Let's look at food for an example, Pizza was originated in Italy in Europe. America took pizza and made it and improvised the different flavours. Europe made their pizzas more traditional and hand made whereas America uses lots of different flavours. There are many more things about these two countries in my diagram!

Thursday, 13 June 2019

What is school??


School is a place where kids and teenagers go to educate them self and also
where they learn things. In New Zealand children from ages five to eighteen
attend school, Kids between five and ten attend primary school then when they
get older they move up to intermediate for two years just before they go to
college. NZ law states that children must attend school from Monday to Friday.

What you learn??
Children learn loads of subjects at school.
At school kids learn how to read a book, they learn how to write a story on
there own, or you could even learn how to count from one to one hundred.
In college, teenagers learn other subjects from what we learn. Everyday
they get a lot of work that’s hard but will help them in life.

At school there are different friendships. Having friendships at school is a good
thing because it’s like socialising and getting on with the people you meet.
Friendships can help you with what you do as a group in school and  they can
also help you with what you struggle in. You could pick a friend and work with
each other on what use are wanting to learn.

Sport times at school??

Sports is a variety of activities you can play in school like Touch ,Tag,Cricket,
Softball, Rugby, Soccer, League, and Netball. Sports is really fun to play, you
can play this against schools clubs and even your own family.I’ve been playing
sports my whole life and I've been practicing day after day.One day maybe
you would play sports and get good at it.

Writing an effective opening.

Walt: Self and peer assess our writing.

Tuesday, 11 June 2019

Friday, 31 May 2019

Little Red Riding Hood

Once upon a time, there lived a little girl with her sick grandma. Her name was Little Red Riding Hood, everywhere she went she would always have a red coat colored as blood brown hair as soft as fur and brown shoes brown as pooh. 

Early that day she and her grandma’s tummy were rumbling really hard they couldn’t even think of what to eat. So Little red riding hood set out with her empty basket to buy some sweets and flowers at the bakery just for her and her grandma.

As she arrived at the bakery Little Red Riding Hood saw lots of sweets that she barely could even choose from. Oh oh but just before she looked in her pockets she had no money to buy the delicious sweet’s for her grandma. So she asked the lady if she could get the sweets for free because her grandma is sick and she has nothing to eat today, and the lady said, of course, you may take as much as you want for you and for your grandma. Little Red Riding Hood filled up her baskets to the top with delicious sweets, once she finished off she went giving a big thank you to the kind lady.

While walking in the forest Little Red Riding Hood saw smell thought that that flower smells beautiful looks pretty and grandma will love them. So she picked and picked bits and pieces at a time. 

As she picked bits of flowers she had happened to see Mr. Wolf. Mr. Wolf came to see what Little red riding hood was doing, but really he was just hungry. He asked who those sweets were for, and she said they were for a grandma because she’s starving. Once Little Red Riding Hood had finished choosing the right flowers for grandma she set off home as her grandma was waiting to see what she bought for her.

Mr. Wolf quickly ran over to see Little Red Riding Hood's grandma but before he left Little Red Riding hood asked where he was going but nothing came out of his mouth anymore. So he ran across trying to find out where grandma lived before Little Red Riding Hood could even get there. With a blink of an eye, he had found the place where grandma lived. 

So he knocked on the door waiting for grandma to open the door. Finally, she opened the door, but just as she thought it was Little Red Riding Hood it was actually a big bad wolf who had sharp white teeth and sharpened claws. Grandma really scared of what would happen but because Grandma opened the door the big bad wolf now wants to eat her. So he took one giant bite of Grandma then swallowed her all up.

 Right before he was leaving Mr wolf heard a knock on the door realizing that is was Little red riding hood waiting, so he ran back to the room quickly put grandma’s clothes on, sat in bed waiting for her to enter the room. 

She was frightened of what grandma looked like. Just like what grandma said before she saw Mr. Wolf and said you have white sharp teeth, sharp claws and have loads of fur around him. As little red riding hood entered the room Mr wolf pretended to be grandma, she gave the sweets to her and then ate them all up really quickly, 

then she said I’m still hungry for one last thing and he grabbed Little red riding hood and ate her all up in one big bite. 


Tuesday, 28 May 2019


    Today the year 8's got to visit Tamaki Collage and we got to experince what it's like to do over their. When we got there we were put into 3 groups and was taken to do some activity's, my group got to do bake chocolate muffins Miss Tuipulotu. We had really fun baking with her and also with the year 8 students. I hope we come back next time.


Walt:Identify and evaluate author's purposes

Tuesday, 21 May 2019

Team 5 Building

                                                          Team 5 Building

Today I started off as a year 8 student helping the year 7's out to start off with their team building for this term, as the year 8's had headed off to camp. Some of the year 8's didn't get the chance to go on camp because they weren't allowed to or other various reasons. To start the day off with year 7 and some year 8 students, our team 5 teachers called out our names to get into 3 groups so that we could decide what out group names would be called. The first group was called  Pt England O.G the second group was called the crazy horses and last at not least was the little homies.

Our first activity was all about investigating a crime scene like investigating treasure or solving riddles. This activity is similar to what our school theme is which is I LIKE YOUR LATTITUDE. Lattitude is the angular distance of a place North or South's equator. We had really fun participating in this first activity.Our next activity was a minute to win it, first, our job was to practice bottle flipping, stack the cups, and last at not least trying to blow the cups off the table by using a balloon, once we finished practicing we went into a real game. We found this game really challenging and skill full but mostly fun. I liked how the teachers presented this game for our year 7 and 8's to play.

Our last activity was making coconut truffles we were making these with our teacher Mrs. Ilaoa.To start off we had to get into groups of 5 people we were then told to wash and clean our hands before starting. When we finished we got given biscuits a medium bowl and some condensed milk and also a spoon. We opened the packets of biscuits and crushed them all up leaving a few chunks left then moving on we added the condensed milk and steered it at the same time then grabbed one cup of cocoa powder and 3/4 of chocolate ships stirring it all together then we added coconut flakes and rolled it onto the plate then covered it all in coconut flakes then we took it to Mrs. Ilaoa to bag it. My group had so much fun making these coconut balls and it was so delicious.

My favorite highlight about this team 5 building was getting to make truffles with Mrs. Ilaoa and my group I also loved participating in the games that Mrs. Moala and whaea Kelly gave us to do. My last highlight from team 5 building was celebrating the last day eating junk food without the year 8 students.

Friday, 3 May 2019

Latitude and Longitude?

                                                              Task Description:

Today room 4 has been learning about what latitude and longitude is. Latitude is the lines going up and doen north and south of the earth's equator and tell's us how down or up where going.. Latitude is an angle which ranges from zero degree at the equator to ninety at the poles.Longitude is the lines going across east and west of the greenwhich meridian, or west of the standard meridian of a celestial object, usually expressed in degrees and minutes.

I Like Your Latitude.

Walt: Use compass directions to describe location.

This term our inquiry is I LIKE YOUR LATITUDE. We learnt about the compass directions. We had to look at the map of New Zealdand and compare different places using the compass directions for example Invercargill is the second to last to be counted as one of the further est down place in New Zealand. / Bluff is at the bottom of the south island.

Wednesday, 1 May 2019

Claras Cowpat

This week room 1 maths class have been learning all about coordinate plans. We learnt how the coordinates work and how we can connect them to find out the answers for our math equations.
Room 1 learnt how to use the coordinates by getting into groups of four and helping each other find out what they needed to know to get their answer and we also used a spare piece of paper to write down our answers, but this week we are focusing on finding out what the coordinates mean and finding out how we can use them in math equations.

Anzac Day!!!!

Current Events

Monday, 29 April 2019

Team assembly

Yayyy! Were back at school today and pt england school is feeling really fine
and great to start a new term, term 2.

To start the day off Pt england school had an immersion assembly. Immersion
assembly is when each team pick’s a strategy to come up with something that
is similar with what our theme would be and then make a video and then
present it to pt england school. I was really nervous to start the term off with
a team assembly.

All teams presented their class video’s really well and I enjoyed watching and
seeing what they would be learning about for this term. Our first item was team
1, team 1 video was all about saving bees from dying so that way they can
produce fruits better and so we could keep us living a good life and also keep
us healthy.

The next item was presented by team 2, team to was learning about how they
can look for things better and improve on getting good at finding easter eggs
on easter holidays. They practised looking for easter eggs by looking over,
under, up & down , left & right. I think team 2 presented a very well video to
start back a new term.

Next item was also presented by team 3, team 3 item was all about picking the
right paths for your own story and making the right choices. I think that team 3
presented a really well video and some day we can use some ideas in our
stories and in our life.

The second to last item was presented by team 4. Team 4 video was mainly
about using a compass and a map and using them to find there way back to
school to have a important meeting with Mr Goodwin. I think there video looked
really hard and challenging and what I liked about their video was how they
used a compass from the olden days and also how they found it challenging
making their way back to school but one thing i enjoyed was they never gave

The last team that presented their item in real life not as a video. Team 5 acting
was really cool and funny team 5 shared some things about continents and
what continents she can visit and explore. So this term team 5 will be learning
about where different countries are and where these countries come from.

This year a country i’d like to visit is the United States Of America because
when my mum was little she got to visit places that i never got to visit and i
would love it if i could visit the USA.

Friday, 12 April 2019

Alvin And Me

This weeks reading task is about Chris not knowing how to speak english but 
by a little bit of help from Alvin, Chris has been able to speak and to understand
what people are saying to him in english. So now Alvin is able to speak cantonnese
in public and also at school.

Somthing Alive

Here is my reading task that iv'e been working on for this week.
My reading task is called something alive, this story was created by Jem Yoshioka.
Check out what an amazing work i've done and comment on my blog if you have any questions.

Thursday, 11 April 2019

What makes a good piece of writing???

Walt: Identify what makes a good piece of writing?

This week room 4 literacy class has been looking at how they can get better at writing a story and what mistakes they can fix, they have also been using some interesting things in there story. We room 4 literacy class are looking forward to learning some cool ideas that we can put and publish on our blogs hope you injoyed it.

Happy New Year


This week, my literacy has been working on our reading task's. We've been asking and
answering questions all together in one group.

Wednesday, 10 April 2019

Geust speakers

Today this afternoon team 5 students had 3 adult visiters come talk about how to get different carrers and how to get them. These 3 adult visters names were Fiona Buckulich, Jason Young, and last at not least Tanielu Tele'a. Miss Fiona Buckulich talked about her childhood and where she has ended up in the future, she was working as a Funeral director and started filiming there videos last year and they came up with a name for there video which was named The Casketeers. Fiona has been playing sports since she was little she had happen to be a sprinter and also a rugby player she was taught loads of things like what her goals were or what she'd do in life. Now that she is grown up she has been informed to be a funeral director. As a funeral director it's her job to keep sick and old people safe, she's also been making caskets or coffins for the people who have unfortunately passed away but most importantly its her job to keep these old and sick people safe.Fiona Bucklich works as a funeral director for 24 hours, while we people are sleeping.She keeps these sick people healthy and strong so in the afternoon we will take a little bit of advise from this exact carrer and use it and also connect it to where we are heading today.

Jason young, Jason young is someone who came to ptengland school but finished school at year 6. He started as a builder and loved working with his hands. He built houses for people as his carrer he is also known as a trusted adviser he also did the ironman challenge with our lovely teacher Miss Teto they had to run a long way and also biked and swam for 16 hours which you will likely see that he had accomplished that long ironman challenge. He came to ptengland school at a really young age but he also grew up going to tamaki collage but he never went to university and today standing at his old school looking at us team 5 students he regrets not going to univesity so kids when you grow up always follow your heart and always go for the things that you belive in not in the things that you don't belive but never stick to one think stick to the things that you havn't tried before and just try them out.

Tanielu Tele'a, Tanielu Tele'a is Mrs and Mr Tele'a son he is the oldest of 4 siblings one Tareka who grew up being his younger sister and was amazing at filming and presenting her animations to our school, she was also known as a year 8 prefect at ptengland school she and her prefects uploaded and filmed there korero every single day. Moving on to there other brother Justice Tele'a, he was a year 8 student that also attended to pt england school he was a well being rugby player he was taught to avoid bad things that would sometimes happen throughout the past few years but one thing he learnt was to get through the hard times that would happen at school. Last at not least Noelle, Noelle is an amazing and an intellegent little girl that is sometimes playful and who is always full of enegy she always full of energy when she comes to help support her mum known as Mrs Tele'a.

 Tanielu Tele'a grew up in GI short for Glen Innes. He also came to Pt England School at a very young age, he started coming to Pt England School at the age of 5. Growing up he loved playing rugby and rugby league he played played rugby for the school and also played rugby league for school as well, he was one of the best players of our school he has represented Pt England School really well and has been ever since. Growing up playing very competitive schools around Auckland was one of his best challenges that he improved on at every single game one year later he was called for a scholarship to Saint Kentigants collage to play rugby most of all he would have to focus on rugby most of the time he would have to focus on his learning towards school. He started training with the rugby warriors and picking up advise on playing rugby so he can do it in his rugby game one year later he was called to play for the blues team when he got that call he was just in shock he was so gutted that he made the Auckland Blues team. His first time playing rugby with the blues was very nerve racking beacause you knowing that it's your first time would mostly be scary at first but as the time goes you start uplifting your confidence towards your fares and stuff so that what so good about Mr Tanielu Tele'a .

My letter to Mrs Stone

Dear Mrs Stone it is a privilege to be having you as my home class teacher for 2019.
This year as a year 8 student I would like to improve on finishing off all my work once a week,
I would also work hard towards being a better and cooperative leader. I hope being in your class is
really fun and also I would like to get to know team 5 students really well and take some time off to
learn more about reading books and explaining things better and also I would like to work on writing
 good stories that we or I could share to our homeclass or our literacy class.

Kia ora, kia orana my name is Ayla I come from the Cook Islands and my culture’s are niuean, American,Cook island Maori, Maori.I’m 12 years of age and this year I’m excited to be moving on to high school in 2020 next year.I’m the second eldest of 2 siblings which is my eldest sister Jorelle then me Ayla the second eldest and my baby brother Ocean Sol the youngest child. So in my family there’s me my sister and my baby brother. Which altogether there are 3 of us.

My favourite things to do during the summer and the winter is playing sports going out shopping celebrating our Cook Island tradition with my family and also focusing on finishing off my task from school. I love keeping up with people who have finished their work because it challenges me to do my best and being fast at finishing off my work just like playing sports correcting the mistakes I or other people do just like school work.

What are your goals for 2019?
This year my goals are to do my best at everything and to improve on every task I finish at home or
at school. I would also like to work on doing my best at writing and improving on writing things on my
blog during school and throughout the holidays and also publishing them on my blog for my teacher
and students from other schools to see. I would also like to improve on reading 2 books a month and
getting better at reading books with a clear voice.  

Wednesday, 3 April 2019

Week 8 Dimic

This week room 1 math group have been creating a math survey. In my groups survey our categories were sports which were Netball, Tennis,Touch, Soccer,Basketball and Rugby. We created tally's to represent how much we like sports. I think my group did really well this week but what I would like to work on for next week is finding out how to do it a different way.

My group met up again to create a pie graph using google sheets.