Thursday, 19 October 2017

Ice- cream sundaes

Task description: So for this week i need to make a copy of this task and then the task had questions and i had to answer them and then when you are finished you had to post it on your blog.

Ayla Practice T4 1

Walt: solve addition and subtraction problems

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Immersion Assembly writing

Today is term 4 and our theme for today is musical madness so it is about music and making music and creating instruments .

So for team one they had played cards and sang to some emotional songs and those songs that they had sang to was happy songs, sad songs.crazy songs,and horror song and they had did some cleaning that was really fast.

Then it was team two turn so what they did for their team was they had sang the jungle song from the lion king and they had played  the ukulele and they had  also played the drums and they also had done singing and i really liked there one because they had played the instruments really funny and cool so i really liked it.

So moving on to team three, team three lip synced to different songs and was turning it into a story and i really liked there one because they were lip syncing to songs and turning it into story’s so i really liked there one it was pretty cool.

So moving on to team four, team four had done the carpool karaoke and i really like team four because when they came back to school our team four teachers had been singing in there car and then all of a sudden Mr jacobson saw the team four teachers and then Miss scanlan and the teachers had looked at Mr jacobson and then Miss scanlan had looked and then pulled down her glasses and then we all started laughing and teams 4 movie was funny so i liked it .

Moving on to teams 5, for team five they had done a movie night and it was with all of the team five teachers they had watched the lion king and had eaten popcorn and they had done karaoke and had sang to happy songs, sad songs, and horror songs and my favourite part about their movie was that when it came up with the song let it go they had lifted the lion king up and then the song let it go came up and it was very funny because team five teachers had said no don’t let the baby go and we then started laughing to them and i thought that there movie was the funniest.

So that was what our team teachers had done for us in the holidays and we really enjoyed it and my favorite part was team 4 when they were doing the carpool karaoke because they were singing to song while they were driving the car so that was my favorite part about Immersion Assembly.  

Walt: Write a recount about the term 4 Immersion Assembly
Walt: Use exciting language like adjectives and adverbs

My times table maths

    My times table maths