Monday, 18 September 2017

Fact about the solar system.

this term we are learning about guardians of the galaxy, so i decided in the weekends to write facts about the solar system so yeah i hope you like some facts about the solar system bye.

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  1. Talofa Lava Ayla, my name is Conroy from Waikowhai Primary School in room Waitemata. I really enjoyed this post because I like how descriptive you were when you were explaining your facts on the slides. I especially enjoyed learning new things about the solar system I didn't know before like for example I didn't know the sun takes up 99.9% of the solar system. That was a cool fact. I think maybe next time you could add a little more description about how you made the slides and a step by step guide. I also think you should next time make sure that your indivual I is always capital. I really enjoyed reading post. If you would like to visit my blog just copy this link-

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