Monday, 11 December 2017

Farewell writing

Today is the last term of 2017 and it is almost Christmas.Because it's almost Christmas me and my class room 6 are writing a thank you letter to our teacher's.

So because it's the last term of 2017 i would like to say a big thanks to my teachers who helped me with my reading writing and maths and i hope you guys have a big happy merry Christmas and i hope to see you next time bye.


Friday, 1 December 2017

Incy wincy spider Animation


Wednesday, 15 November 2017

2017 Athletics

Last week on a sunny friday it was Athletics day. Athletics is when you play lots of sports like HIgh jump,volley ball, relays, sprints, target ball , tug o war,Dodge ball, Discus, shot put, and Javelin.

When I got to school I rushed to get into my house color, house colors are colors like red , green , yellow , and blue. When I was finished getting changed my class room 7, room 8, and room 6 went outside and lined up into our class lines to go down to the courts.

Finally? Our principal finished giving our instructions. When he was finished our teacher Miss Scanlan and Miss parent told us to in a nice line walk down to the bottom field for your first activity so off we went down to the bottom.

Once we got down to the bottom field we started our first activity. Our  first activity was target ball, target ball is a game when you get into four groups and you each get a ball so what you do is you have to try and hit the ball that’s in the middle out when you hit the ball out you have to shout out really loud yay and when you do that you get a point so we got started with the game.

We all said 5,4,3,2,1, goo so we started the game so our team were trying to hit the ball out and all of a sudden the team across from our side had scored a point so our team knew that we needed to catch up to them. So we tried and tried and all of a sudden we got one point but we needed to really beat the other team so we tried our best to beat them.

Finally? My team was really really exhausted after ew played that game it felt like it had taken about 10 hours but no it wasn’t 10 hours.
So then we started to call out the score’s so we all sat down and then our teacher had announced the points he first started off with first place then second and third and last at not least fourth place.

So for the team that came first was the red team the next team was green and then it was yellow and then blue so then we said thank you for the activity and then we had lined up to go to our next activity.

My favorite activity from last week Friday was sprinting because when i was sprinting i said that i could not do it but when it came to the finals i had come forth for the top four. I was really happy that i came fourth because i knew that i had made my mum proud my family proud and my sister Jorelle proud.

So on Friday we did loads of sports so that is all we had done on Friday for Athletics and i really think that next time it will be really cool.

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Sprints practice

Today Room 7 maths class was talking about how to sprint like Usain Bolt and how do you think you could improve with your running and how you could run really fast well I think i could really improve in my sprinting so yeah.

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

The star lama

Free photo: Llama, Mammal, Fluffy, Llama Glama - Free Image on ...
Llama Free Stock Photo - Public Domain Pictures

nce there was a young Inca boy. He had no family except for an old llama. Each day the boy and his llama walked many miles, looking for a home. Each night they curled up together and slept. But one starry evening, the old llama died. The boy buried his friend next to an icy stream. Then he sat under a tree and cried. What would he do? He had no family and no home.

The boy cried for a very long time. But there was no one to comfort him. There were only the stars in the sky.

Suddenly, the sky filled with bright light. The boy held his breath. He was afraid to move. One bright star fell to the ground. Slowly, the star took the shape of the old llama. She bent her head and drank from the stream. She looked at the boy and smiled. As she jumped back into the sky, bits of llama wool fell.

As the Sun began to rise, the boy picked up the soft, warm wool. It glowed in his hands like starlight. He carried the wool to the city and sold it. With the money, he bought a house. He bought two young llamas. He never forgot the star llama. And he was never lonely again.File:Llama lying down.jpg - Wikimedia Commons
Test Questions:

Why does the boy cry when the old llama dies?

because he is afraid of the dark
because he is always sad
because the old llama is his only family
because he is lost

What happened BEFORE the old llama died?

The boy bought two new llamas.
The boy and the llama walked many miles looking for a home.
The boy collected the wool and sold it in the city.
The old llama fell to the ground in the shape of a star.

Read this sentence from the story.

One bright star fell to the ground.
What does bright mean?

a). Old
b). Shiny
c). New
d). Clean

What does the boy in the story want?

a cart
a horse
a new wool shirt

a home

What happens at the end of the story?

The boy buys a house and two llamas.
The boy buries the llama next to an icy stream.
The boy and his llama walk for many miles.
The boy cries for a very long time.

Read this sentence from the story.

As the Sun began to rise, the boy picked up the soft, warm wool.
What does rise mean?
a). Grow darker
b). Fall down
c). Come up
d). Take a step

Thursday, 19 October 2017

Ice- cream sundaes

Task description: So for this week i need to make a copy of this task and then the task had questions and i had to answer them and then when you are finished you had to post it on your blog.

Ayla Practice T4 1

Walt: solve addition and subtraction problems

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Immersion Assembly writing

Today is term 4 and our theme for today is musical madness so it is about music and making music and creating instruments .

So for team one they had played cards and sang to some emotional songs and those songs that they had sang to was happy songs, sad songs.crazy songs,and horror song and they had did some cleaning that was really fast.

Then it was team two turn so what they did for their team was they had sang the jungle song from the lion king and they had played  the ukulele and they had  also played the drums and they also had done singing and i really liked there one because they had played the instruments really funny and cool so i really liked it.

So moving on to team three, team three lip synced to different songs and was turning it into a story and i really liked there one because they were lip syncing to songs and turning it into story’s so i really liked there one it was pretty cool.

So moving on to team four, team four had done the carpool karaoke and i really like team four because when they came back to school our team four teachers had been singing in there car and then all of a sudden Mr jacobson saw the team four teachers and then Miss scanlan and the teachers had looked at Mr jacobson and then Miss scanlan had looked and then pulled down her glasses and then we all started laughing and teams 4 movie was funny so i liked it .

Moving on to teams 5, for team five they had done a movie night and it was with all of the team five teachers they had watched the lion king and had eaten popcorn and they had done karaoke and had sang to happy songs, sad songs, and horror songs and my favourite part about their movie was that when it came up with the song let it go they had lifted the lion king up and then the song let it go came up and it was very funny because team five teachers had said no don’t let the baby go and we then started laughing to them and i thought that there movie was the funniest.

So that was what our team teachers had done for us in the holidays and we really enjoyed it and my favorite part was team 4 when they were doing the carpool karaoke because they were singing to song while they were driving the car so that was my favorite part about Immersion Assembly.  

Walt: Write a recount about the term 4 Immersion Assembly
Walt: Use exciting language like adjectives and adverbs

My times table maths

    My times table maths

Thursday, 28 September 2017

New adventure story.

              Walt: Use Scholastic story starters to write a creative story
              Walt: Link my ideas between each paragraph

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Adventure story.

          Walt: Use Scholastic story starters to write a creative story
          Walt: Link my ideas between each paragraph

Monday, 18 September 2017

Image Attribution

Walt: Attribute an image.
Task Description: Today for cyber smart Monday! we are learning to 
Attribute an image. we had to look up a photo online and we had to set it so the image's are free to use.
I used an image that was labeled for noncommercial reuse. That meant that i had used a free image 
but i will have to change it a little bit. As you can see there is an attribution of the image I got. 

Fact about the solar system.

this term we are learning about guardians of the galaxy, so i decided in the weekends to write facts about the solar system so yeah i hope you like some facts about the solar system bye.

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Night light


Walt: Use and explain several strategies for finding and learning the meaning of unknown words
Walt: Find specific information in a non fiction text

Phases of the moon

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Cross country reacount

On friday morning team 4 and pt england school had cross country on our school fields so we went to get ready into our house colours.

When we finished getting ready we went down to the school fields.
When we go there we had got told to sit on the netball courts, so we waited on the courts to go for the race on the field.

So the first runners up was team one so they all walked down to the fields and they had stranded behind the line and when they so then our principal said on your marks get set gooooo! And off they went for the fun.

Next up was team 3 so they went to the starting line. When they got there we could see that they were very nervous so then our principal said on your marks get set gooo! And off they went.

So then team four my class was up next so we stood up and we all went to the starting line and when we were about to go we saw team 2 and team 3 cheering for us so then our principal said on your marks get set gooo!

And off we went when we started running i could see my friends way behind me that they were huffing and puffing so then i sprinted trying to catch up to my sister because she and my friend tehilla were coming first so then i catched up and then i started to jog.

I could see the finish line so i had a long way to go, so i catched up and i was almost there. When i saw my friend i could see that she was really tired,
so then i told her you can do it you can do it, so we ran together.

When we were at the finish line we had sprinted to the end and we were very exhausted from a long run so we went to the spark people to get some water and then we went to class and then we went home when i went home i said to myself did i do my best did i give 100 percent so then i thought maybe i did do those stuff maybe i would become a champion one day so THE END

Walt: Use and expand on only one key idea in each paragraph.
Walt: Use a full stop at the end of all sentences

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Recount of the best holiday

On a sunny morning i woke up to go outside. When i went outside and it said get your own 10$ stemming hang i at the forbidden forest in china so i got ready and then i left to get it so off i went.

So when i got there nobody was there and it was very quiet. So i went to the store that said 10$ hang i for sale so i went and it said that the store is closed so i called the owner of the store.

So when we got to the forbidden city our hang i was still waiting for us but when we went there know one was inside the store so then we called someone who had owned the store if we could get our hang i so we did.

When i rang the owner on the store they would not answer the phone and as i looked at this sign it says no internet in the forbidden city of china so i had to think of another idea so i went back home and then called the owner of the store that i was trying to call but did not answer their phone so i called them and they said just wait at your house and it will come to you so then someone had knocked onto my door and it was the person who i called if they could get my hang i and when i ate it and it was so yum so then i brought some more.

And i had the best day of my life.

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Thursday, 17 August 2017

The game of awsome

One day me and my family and my friend went for a walk and as we were taking a walk my whole family got captured, so me and my friend went looking for them. When we went looking for our family we said to each others they mitten gone this way inside this scary dark tunnel so off we went inside the tunnel. When we got inside the tunnel we saw some think glow and it was our family and when we untied them they said we were very nervous detective’s so when we said saved them we made too much noise the suddenly when we made too much noise some one said where do you think your going and then we said run and we ran as fast as we could and we made it and then our family said use two are the best rescuers in our family sand then they lived happily ever after.

But later that day when we first got to New Zealand the world was very silence and when i had found out that from my friend she said there was a crisis and that was we were not aloud to talk to anyone at all. If we talk we would go to prison and never come out ever again and if we talked to much we would never and i mean never see our family ever again.

Then the next day when we just landed on the moon there was nothing to do so we had suggested to have a celebration on the surface of the moon,  it was so much fun and when we had finished having a celebration we had left and when we left they said i very wish we could stay on the moon and have another celebration so off they went back home and they lived happily ever after.

The end

Walt: Use the Game of Awesome cards as a prompt for creative writingWalt: Chunk writing into paragraphs with each paragraph being about one key idea

Friday, 11 August 2017

The problem with Pluto

Walt: Learn about the discovery of Pluto and why it is no longer classified as a ‘planet’.
Walt: Explain the definition of a planet

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Survivor challenge

This is my maths about a survivor challenge that our class had to do.
once we were finished we had to take our chrome book to his table and he would say slide one and then say the answer. When we got them all right we would give our chrome books too our teacher and our teacher would look at what we did and if she says it's all right then we would post it on our blog and then other people like from different country's would look at it, so i hope you enjoy it bye.

Practice Practice Practice Practice Practice

Walt: solve decimal problems

Friday, 7 July 2017

Tech Expo at team 5

Tech Expo at team 5

  • Headphones
  • Cushions
  • Basketball hoop
  • Garden
  • Shoes holder
  • Table
  • Soccer goal
  • Catapult
  • Fun to air out the smelly shoes
  • Cubby hole
  • Marble run
  • Hammock - hanging bed
  • Bag hooks
  • Chromebook shelf

  1. Shell their product to you
  2. Making us sign up
  3. Pull us with ads

Yesterday team 4 were going to team 5 because they were showing us their tech expo so we went outside and lined up to go to team 5 classroom so off we went. When we got there it was raining  when we got there we had been splitted into one group when we got there we had been taken to other team’s.

So the first place we went to was to the chromebook shelf’s and it was cool because it was made out of wood and the color of it was blue so then we played a game and we had to try and find out which cubby hole it was in and it was very fun so then we went to the next group so off we went.

So the next group we went to was to a basketball court and they  had said that they want to change the courts into a basketball court and it was cool because it had seats and they made hops and they said give it a thumbs up if you liked what we made so my group had gave them a thumbs up and if there are some more activities that we done just scroll up and you will see all of the stuff that we did Bye.