Monday, 18 September 2017

Image Attribution

Walt: Attribute an image.
Task Description: Today for cyber smart Monday! we are learning to 
Attribute an image. we had to look up a photo online and we had to set it so the image's are free to use.
I used an image that was labeled for noncommercial reuse. That meant that i had used a free image 
but i will have to change it a little bit. As you can see there is an attribution of the image I got. 

Fact about the solar system.

this term we are learning about guardians of the galaxy, so i decided in the weekends to write facts about the solar system so yeah i hope you like some facts about the solar system bye.

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Night light


Walt: Use and explain several strategies for finding and learning the meaning of unknown words
Walt: Find specific information in a non fiction text

Phases of the moon

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Cross country reacount

On friday morning team 4 and pt england school had cross country on our school fields so we went to get ready into our house colours.

When we finished getting ready we went down to the school fields.
When we go there we had got told to sit on the netball courts, so we waited on the courts to go for the race on the field.

So the first runners up was team one so they all walked down to the fields and they had stranded behind the line and when they so then our principal said on your marks get set gooooo! And off they went for the fun.

Next up was team 3 so they went to the starting line. When they got there we could see that they were very nervous so then our principal said on your marks get set gooo! And off they went.

So then team four my class was up next so we stood up and we all went to the starting line and when we were about to go we saw team 2 and team 3 cheering for us so then our principal said on your marks get set gooo!

And off we went when we started running i could see my friends way behind me that they were huffing and puffing so then i sprinted trying to catch up to my sister because she and my friend tehilla were coming first so then i catched up and then i started to jog.

I could see the finish line so i had a long way to go, so i catched up and i was almost there. When i saw my friend i could see that she was really tired,
so then i told her you can do it you can do it, so we ran together.

When we were at the finish line we had sprinted to the end and we were very exhausted from a long run so we went to the spark people to get some water and then we went to class and then we went home when i went home i said to myself did i do my best did i give 100 percent so then i thought maybe i did do those stuff maybe i would become a champion one day so THE END

Walt: Use and expand on only one key idea in each paragraph.
Walt: Use a full stop at the end of all sentences