Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Into the cave

Into the cave!
Once upon a time there was three boys named jack Robert and Caleb all three of them went down to the river to get some food for them to eat and when they got there they saw a big grey cave and jack said should we go into that cave and they did.It was so dark they could hardly see anything so they got there light in there bag and went.They were very nervous going inside because they thought something would happen to them when they get in there so off they went.

So they went In the cave and all three of them found a big crystal that was white and there was a lot of crystals and there was little ones but suddenly something had happened the big black rocks had fallen down and blocked their way so they had know where out of the cave but Robert had an idea on top of the big white crystal there was a big hole and Robert also said that we could use the white little crystal to climb on top so they can get out of the cave so they tried very hard to get out of the cave and they all did it and they just remembered that they got some crystals for themselves so they sided off the cave. So they went and got so fish for them to eat and so they lived happily ever after.                                          

                                                   The End!   

Monday, 17 October 2016

The little boat

The little boat

One day on a windy beach In the pacific ocean there was two girls and there name was Ayla and jorelle they were sisters and their mum and papa went out fishing but suddenly their was a storm heading straight there way and then what had happened was there was something even more worse there was lightning and they were so afraid of the lightning because they had thought that the lightning would make a hole in their boat so they paddled and paddled until they had saw another beach so they paddled and paddled until something had happened.

Suddenly they got stuck In the middle of the sea and the lightning struck their boat so they looked for something that they could use to block the water from coming Inside the boat so they looked for something they could use and they looked every where for something and then Ayla found some duct tape to block the hole so then Ayla gave the tape to her grandpa and then he got the tape and stuck It to the boat and then something was wrong again the water was still In the boat so they got there buket and scraped the water out of their boat and so they could still see the beach so they paddled and paddled until they got there.

So when they almost got to the other side of the beach they saw light shining In their eyes and they felt so happy that the sun came out so they were so excited to go to the beach and when they saw the beach there was a lot of kids on the beach and they looked like they had a lot of fun and they did they were they were making sand castles and they were making cakes out of sand and Ayla saw kids having fun swimming and they were making splashes and we thought that we could go for a swim but we couldn’t go for a swim because we had not brang togs so we decided to play with the people who were making sand castle and they had a lot of fun so It was almost night time so they went home and when they were driving home Ayla had said to her family that was so fun and had wished she had done that again so they went home and lived happily ever after. Ever after