Thursday, 28 February 2019

How to become a good leader?

    How to be a good leader?

What makes a good leader? A good leader is someone who is respectful,
 you could be a good leader by encouraging others to do their very best,
and show them the Pt England way.

A good leader is also Responsible? Being Responsible means people can trust leaders to do the right thing. Also making sure that little kids are safe and happy.

Leaders being loyalty are people who never ever backstab their friends, also being loyal is putting other people first and sticking with them in good and bad times.
You could show loyalty to your Friends your family and to the people you know.

Being a good leader is being respectful, responsible and loyal. You can show all these things by practicing how to be a leader and then you can show how to be respectful. 
You can show being respectful by encouraging others to do their best and show the
pt England way.

Being a leader is also responsible, you show that by making sure that little kids are safe and happy. A leader is also someone who is loyal and who puts other people first and sticking with them in good and bad times. You could also show loyalty with your friends family and other people your close to.

Saturday, 23 February 2019

Dimic maths.

I would like to improve on working with my group often and communicating
with my group and explaining my thinking.

Wednesday, 20 February 2019

What makes a good piece of writing.

This week room four is learning about how to make a good piece writing. We are learning the important things about writing and making sure we have good structure good punctuations good vocab and good ideas.

Walt : Identify what makes a good piece of writing.

Thursday, 14 February 2019

Active Learning

Here are some positive words that room 4 and team 5 have been creating today.
These are some words that are involved with learning, these are also some things that you might find interesting to you or find that you know these words.

Sunday, 10 February 2019


WALT: We are learning to have a positive digital footprint

Kia Orana my name is Ayla and I’m 11 years old. I am the youngest of two. I have a sister named
Jorelle and she is 12 years old and lives in Rarotonga with my mama and papa. I also have a baby
brother on the way.
I am of Cook Island decent. I love my culture because we have a unique identity, customs,
traditions based around arts, craft, music and food.
I am a proud Year 8 student of Pt England School. I am in Team 5, room 4 and in house Hikianalia.
My teachers names are Mrs Stone, Mrs Tele’a, Mrs Ilaoa , Miss Tapuke, and Mrs Moala.
I was very excited to start school this year. I missed my friends over the summer holidays and
I couldn't wait to see them again and to hear their stories of what they got up to. Oh what
wonderful holidays they had.

My hobbies are sports, reading, writing, arts and craft, building and drawing houses with lego,
and any materials that I can find and also on minecraft.
During the year I play alot of sports including Netball, Rugby, Touch, Tag, and Rippa Rugby.
I enjoy playing sports because it keeps me fit, it teaches to be disciplined, it teaches me new skills,
it teaches me to better myself, it teaches me to be succesful and to strive to achieve my goals. It
teaches me about life skills. I like making new friends, I like being apart of a team, I like to share
my knowledge with others to help them, I like it when we get new team uniforms, I like to have
fun, and I always try to make my mum proud.
I have played for school, clubs, and have played at a representative level since I was 7 years old
including Auckland Touch, South Auckland Tag Football, Cook Islands Tag Football Federation,
Kuki Tag 20 federation, Niue Netball, Manukau Dolphins Tag Football, Cook Islands Netball
and Auckland Marist Rugby. I have been captain in most teams over the years.
I have been a flag bearer for the Cook Islands. I have won Gold, Silver and bronze medals,
Most Valuable Player, Most Improved Player, Player of Year, and Player of the day awards.

My Goals For 2019! Is to get a scholarship into a good college. I want to improve in maths, reading
and writing. To improve in these subjects, I must pay attention in class, do a lot of homework, I am
going to read atleast two books a month, write a story every week, and to practise my timetables.
In sport I want to captain every team i get selected for and to be Most Valuable Player for each
sport I play. To do this I must train harder than ever before, and everyday I must improve on my

Well there you have it some information about me! I’d like to thank you for taking your extra time
off to read this blog post about me! Feel free to read my post and ask some questions
and I will share some feedback with you. Remember to check some other amazing blogs from kids
at Pt England school! Meitaki Maata.

Ayla :)