Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Recount of the best holiday

On a sunny morning i woke up to go outside. When i went outside and it said get your own 10$ stemming hang i at the forbidden forest in china so i got ready and then i left to get it so off i went.

So when i got there nobody was there and it was very quiet. So i went to the store that said 10$ hang i for sale so i went and it said that the store is closed so i called the owner of the store.

So when we got to the forbidden city our hang i was still waiting for us but when we went there know one was inside the store so then we called someone who had owned the store if we could get our hang i so we did.

When i rang the owner on the store they would not answer the phone and as i looked at this sign it says no internet in the forbidden city of china so i had to think of another idea so i went back home and then called the owner of the store that i was trying to call but did not answer their phone so i called them and they said just wait at your house and it will come to you so then someone had knocked onto my door and it was the person who i called if they could get my hang i and when i ate it and it was so yum so then i brought some more.

And i had the best day of my life.

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