Wednesday, 15 November 2017

2017 Athletics

Last week on a sunny friday it was Athletics day. Athletics is when you play lots of sports like HIgh jump,volley ball, relays, sprints, target ball , tug o war,Dodge ball, Discus, shot put, and Javelin.

When I got to school I rushed to get into my house color, house colors are colors like red , green , yellow , and blue. When I was finished getting changed my class room 7, room 8, and room 6 went outside and lined up into our class lines to go down to the courts.

Finally? Our principal finished giving our instructions. When he was finished our teacher Miss Scanlan and Miss parent told us to in a nice line walk down to the bottom field for your first activity so off we went down to the bottom.

Once we got down to the bottom field we started our first activity. Our  first activity was target ball, target ball is a game when you get into four groups and you each get a ball so what you do is you have to try and hit the ball that’s in the middle out when you hit the ball out you have to shout out really loud yay and when you do that you get a point so we got started with the game.

We all said 5,4,3,2,1, goo so we started the game so our team were trying to hit the ball out and all of a sudden the team across from our side had scored a point so our team knew that we needed to catch up to them. So we tried and tried and all of a sudden we got one point but we needed to really beat the other team so we tried our best to beat them.

Finally? My team was really really exhausted after ew played that game it felt like it had taken about 10 hours but no it wasn’t 10 hours.
So then we started to call out the score’s so we all sat down and then our teacher had announced the points he first started off with first place then second and third and last at not least fourth place.

So for the team that came first was the red team the next team was green and then it was yellow and then blue so then we said thank you for the activity and then we had lined up to go to our next activity.

My favorite activity from last week Friday was sprinting because when i was sprinting i said that i could not do it but when it came to the finals i had come forth for the top four. I was really happy that i came fourth because i knew that i had made my mum proud my family proud and my sister Jorelle proud.

So on Friday we did loads of sports so that is all we had done on Friday for Athletics and i really think that next time it will be really cool.

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