Thursday, 24 November 2016

Crazy Motat Adventures

Crazy Motat Adventures
Once upon a time there was a school called Pt England and they were only year 5&4 we were been told to line up in our group lines before we go and i was in Mrs Baxendine group. Finally the bus had arrived so we quietly walked to the bus and got on the bus so everyone was on the bus and off we went.

It took long to get there some people feel asleep and some people were singing finally we got there and our teacher told us to stop singing so we stopped then when we stopped singing the bus took us around the back to get in. Once we got off the bus we sat down to listen to the introduction when we were gave our introductions we went with our teacher into this golf ball house to eat our lunch.

So when we were all finished eating we went to line up in our groups to go to our first activity. So we went to the mirror maze for our first activity so off we went to our first activity. So we went to our teacher and said to her that if we could go to the mirror maze and she said OK you can go but be careful so we ran to the mirror maze to play and when we went there we all ran in the mirror maze some of them got lost but i did not get lost i was almost to the end and even our teacher came in the mirror maze so we all found the way out and when we went out we thought that our teacher was gone to eat lunch so we went to eat our lunch.

So then when we finished eating we had to listen so we know where to go so we went to our teacher but when we went to her she was not there so we went to go and look for her so first we went to the mirror maze to look for her and we called her name and she had answered and she said that she needs some help finding the way out so we all went in the mirror maze together and we found her so we made our self out and then when we made our self out when we got out we had to go back to school and then we said goodbye and then we lived happily ever after.  

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