Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Behind the Door.

                  Behind the Door
One day there was girls who was named Ayla Lucy Jorelle and Brooklyn they went hallow en and knocked on all of the doors to get some lollies to eat and they all had a lot and they went to the last house and that was in the deep and dark forest and they found a dusty brown door with webs on it and they knocked on the door and when Brooklyn knocked on the door the door opened by itself and when it opened by itself they heard a squeaking noise that was loud and when they walked into the house Lucy saw a scary person with green eyes and when that person saw Lucy she was two shie to open the door so then Lucy said should we make friends with the scary person so then they tried to make friends with the person.

What had happened was the scary person was shie to come out so then the girls went and saw her and then they said come and play with us and then the shie person came out and played with her and the girls said what is your name and she said her name was Kelly and they said that she had nice name and then Kelly said what is your name and then the girls said one by one they said my name is Ayla and my name is Jorelle and Brooklyn and Lucy and Kelly said what beautiful name’s you have and then they said thank you and they all went to play and they lived happily Eva after the end.   

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