Thursday, 16 June 2016

will she save her writing.

 once upon a time it was dark and there was two boys walking around the building. There names were Batman and Spider man. Batman and Spider man were looking for the Joker. When Batman and Spider were walking around the building Spider Man looked up on top of the building and Spider man spotted the Joker. And then Spider man told Batman that there is the Joker spider man said. Once they saw the Joker Batman saw the Joker holding something and Batman found out it was a girl her name was April. Batman said to spider man that we need to save her before the joker throws her of the building.So we have to be quiet before we save her. So they ran up the building and they found the girl so Batman and spider man hid behind the caravan and the Joker was saying to April that where is Batman and Spider man  and April said to the Joker i don’t know where they are. and he let her go but she still had to go with the Joker to find out where they are so off they went.     When the joker and April left batman and spider waited for the joker and them to get into the car and then the joker and them went to the car and put April into the car and then they hit the person who put April into the van batman hit him and then batman and spider man took April. And when they hit the boy that joker heard something and got out of the van quickly as possible and then spider man stuck batman and April on to the roof of the building  and then April made a sound and then the joker found them and the joker layered April and then spider man had to take April to the hospital and when they were almost to the hospital April woke up then batman defeated the joker and they lived happily ever after the end.

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