Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Matariki recount.

On Friday in the morning on Friday we had got sent to go do our activities and where i got sent was at maker space and what we were learning to do was to make poi’s. So when we got to maker space we sat on the mat and waited for our instruction to be told from our teacher called Mr vogt. So when Mr vogt gave us our instruction to make our own poi’s but first Mr vogt our teacher said to partner up with the year 2’s so once we did that we had got started so i go my partner and started creating our own poi’s. So we started to do our own poi’s and our teacher Mr vogt said there is instructions on our board for how to make the poi’s so we had coped it on the board and when we had finished it had worked so when me and angel finished we went around and helped them with making there poi’s so when we were all finished making our poi’s we had been told to go and line up in a straight line and walk in the hall to get ready to go home so off we went inside the hall.

So when we got in the hall we sat down in our home class and we waited for all the other classes to come inside the hall. So while we were waiting for them we went and got some chairs and had set them up for all of the teachers and when we were done all off the others came and Mr Burt came as well. So when we all sat all in our classroom Mr Burt said that everyone who made something cool today show us what you had made so we showed what we had made and he just said a few things to us and then he told us to say happy Matariki and then he counted and said 5,4,3,2,1 and as loud as we could we said Happy Matariki and all of the teachers ears where just about to hunted so when we said that we had all left school and  we all said have a happy Matariki to all of the teachers and left school happy.


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