Friday, 17 March 2017

Team 4 camp

On Wednesday on a windy wet day year 5,6 and the teachers had camp and that camp was held at Pt England school.

On Wednesday the first activity we were doing was riding the bikes and kayaking. It was fun because we had played get lost. It was about putting face painting and funny costume and we got to do funny activities. And then we played killer zone and my favorite part about that was chucking water balloons at the other team when we had done that we had lunch and then we and then we went to our next activity and it was sports in the hall and it was really fun so then we had our performance and then after we had that we went to bed. When we woke up we packed everything up and and we to the pools and the pools were so fun and the first time we jumped in the pool it was cold but we really enjoyed going to the pools.

My favorite parts of camp was when we played get lost because we had to wear funny costumes and it was funny because some of my group dressed up like a clown and we were starting to laugh.   

Thank you Mr Jacobson for setting up killer zone and get lost and thank you to Miss vaafusuaga for setting up the sport up in the hall and thank you Mr Burt for taking us kayaking and thank you to all the teachers and parents and seniors for making the morning tea lunch and dinner  and thank you to Mr Somerville and Mr Burt for setting up camp.  

I learned all off the activities and i also new how to do kayaking.

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