Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Ayla ,Amelia, Hinerangi





A: Talofa lava my name is Ankylosaurus
S: And my name is Stegosaurus
A: Welcome to tv nothing.

T: Not that stop being silly. Hello Welcome to dino news today. My name is t-rex and i will be your host.  We will be talking about my friend Ankylosaurus.
A:  Kia ora my name is Ankylosaurus I come from the late Cretaceous,145 to 65 million years ago.
T: Anything else about you ?
A: My name means fused lizard and I was named by Barnum Brown.

S: Amazing!!!

T: Well thank you for your information about you Ankylosaurus.

A: Your welcome.

T: This time we are talking about my other friend called Stego. How your doing Stego.

S: Good, Let's get started, Hello my name is stegosaurus or for short Stego. I lived in the late jurassic period,154 to 144 million years ago.

A: Is there more information Mr Stego.
S: Oh yes I have a spectacular weapon. Whooo haaaa. It is my strong bulky mighty tail. With my two pointy spikes.

T: Thanks Stego.

S: Your super welcome.

S: That was a good story, anky, ankyen, anke-e

T: An Ky Lo Sau Rs. RIGHT!!!!!!!    

T: Wasn't that a good dinosaur show. Well until next time amigos. “And you’re gonna hear me Ruhh

s: Ruhhh
T: Thats inuf. Byeeee


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