Monday, 21 September 2015

ayla cross country writing

On  this year on monday we had cross country. when we lined up too get ready for cross country everyone was cheering for some of the girls and Mr burt talked to us about  when we get ready and  he said take your marks get set go and then he said go and then off went all of the girls and when all of the girls went next to the pavilion  some of the girls slipped into the mud but then they got back up and they never gave up they just kept on running and i saw some of the girls huffing and puffing but they never ever gave up and i did it like some of  the girls and when the three girls already went pust the finish line some of the parents was so so happy and when all of the parents saw their child that came first or second or third they were so proud and happy and even if you didn't come first second or third it doesn't meter because you can always can come first second and third and when they got to the finish line i saw tehilah came first and indiana came second and christina came third and they are going to race another school  and they are going to see if they are going to come first second or third And i think telah is going to come first and when they get there i think they are going to be very neves and i hope tehla comes first so have a good cross country race.

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