Friday, 5 June 2015

the swich

An old man was strolling along eating chocolate. He got chocolate on His Tie .  sudeley  a box came out of  no where and Hit Him on The Head .Then the old man kick The white box and it flew into The sky .Then He saw hundred of The white box and noticed the box Had stayed  There .then The man saw a gray box and try  to move  the box but it didn't
move .but suddenly He saw a big tower .and he went and climbed it. .and Then He jumped and  was going to land on The gray box  but He misted .and then he saw a red button and he did not know what it was for .but he was going to push the button but He was nerfis to push the button but He push it .and it move .Then his tie got stuck on the gray box and Tried to get his tie off the gray box but Then is tie ripped ? and He got stuck in the gray box ? and a box Had been Taken out of The gray box and it had blue tie.and Then The Tie was gone.

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  1. Hi Ayla it's me Amelia I love your writing about the swich it's makes me think how the person looks like keep up the good and fantastic work.From:Amelia